Podcast Episodes

Episode 68: Mental Fitness with Brittny Cabral

Episode 67: 14th Annual Finish for a Guinness

Episode 66: Run Streaks with Road Runner Girl

Episode 65: All the Way Strong with Celeste Joan

Episode 64: Run Club and Bobby Doyle Summer Classic

Episode 63: Minimalist Shoes and Foot Health with Brittny Cabral

Episode 62: Body Awareness, PACT Update, Running Shoes, and Upcoming Races

Episode 61: PACT Act Reaction; Cross Training

Episode 60: Run Streak, Books, and Music

Episode 59: MovNat, Gaspee Days 5k, Summer Nights 5k

Episode 58 – More Loss, Boston Marathon, Soccer

Episode 57: Back Problems, Reiki Cert, and Four Tendencies

Episode 56: Return of the Average Runner

Episode 55: Buh-Bye 2021, Fighting Metabolic Disease, and Podcast and Book Favorites

Episode 54: Adriana and Paul Talk $h!t, Weight Loss, and MovNat

Episode 53: Therapies, Sugar Shakedown, and Surfboard Manifestation

Episode 52: Chris Marino’s Boston Marathon Experience

Episode 51: Chris Marino – Boston Marathon Leadup, and #BFightsALD

Episode 50: Rugged Maniac and Sugar Shakedown

Episode 49: Tribute to Paul Stroessner

Episode 48: Return to Racing and Podcasting, Yoga Support, and Runners’ Tourettes

Episode 47: Vaccines, Demon Seed, Breaking Out of Seasonal Depression

Episode 46: Navy Boot Camp and Fold Your Hat as Tight as a P….

Episode 45: Healers

Episode 44: Introducing Adriana’s Trainer, Sam Brown – Taming the Tasmanian Devil and Pacing Like a Jaguar

Episode 43: Soul Friend Yoga with Patricia Quirk/Out of State Gymzz Break Rulzz

Episode 42: Liz Laugh Cry/Rhode Runner Collab – 2020 Spotify Wrapped

Episode 41: Gina: “Knock it off”. RI Gyms Close. Adriana: “WTF!”

Episode 40: Celebration, Running Again, Free Bush/Cheap Nuts, Pull-Up Challenge

Episode 39: Thrive Outside with Shannon Rozea

Episode 38: Gardens, Races, PRP Injections, and Race Porn

Episode 37: Turning 50, PRP Injections, and Good Doctors (and a bad one)

Episode 36: Resurrection of Adriana, Paul, and Jake the Snake

Episode 35: Surgery, Gym Life, Food, and Books

Episode 34: Honest Conversation (w/ Rhodes Pierre)

Episode 33: Gratitude, Rude Customers, Remote Races, and Screaming Kids (Part 2)

Episode 32: Remote Road Races

Episode 31: Rough Week

Episode 30: Bad Weather, Good Books, and Remote Races Intro

Episode 29: 5 Stages of Corona Grief

Episode 28: Orlando Lugo – Staying Positive in Strange Times

Episode 27: Positive Mindset and New Habits

Episode 26: Ozone Therapy

Episode 25: Tunnel to Towers 5k and Ocean Road 10k 2019

Episode 24: Injury Recovery, Old Person Sports, and Group Marriage

Episode 23:Running/Exercise Music, Part 1

Episode 22: Lizzie Newton – Spinning, Lagree, Running, and Taylor Swift

Episode 21: Serena Marie RD – Eat Like an Athlete

Episode 20: Two Injuries, a Wedding, and a Tunnel to Towers 5k

Episode 19: Yoga, Volunteering, and Races

Episode 18: Burpee Challenge and Pedal to End Cancer Recap

Episode 17: Team Burpee Challenge; Paul’s Weight Loss Journey

Episode 16: Charities and the Polar Plunge

Episode 15: Free Radicals Are Not Rad, “Rest” Days, and Let Me Go Shut the Baby Up

Episode 14 – Protein, Pre/Post Workout Meal, Nutrients

Episode 13: Listener Questions, Part 2 – Favorite snacks and Thanksgiving Food

Episode 12: Listener Questions, Nipple Clamps, and Surrounding Yourself with Positive People

Episode 11: Pilates with Dawn Casella

Episode 10: Stretching, Working Out, and a Screaming Kid

Episode 9: Tunnel To Towers 5K

Episode 8: Clean Eating with Adriana

Episode 7: Adriana and Paul’s Trip & Race Reports, Injuries, and Fake News

Episode 6: Just for J 5K Pre-Race Warmup

Episode 5: 80s Rad Retro Race – Pre Race w/ Toni McAlister

Episode 4: Jeff Coombs Memorial Road Race

Episode 3: Personal Trainer Adriana Ferns

Episode 2: Finish for a Guinness 5K

Journey of the Rhode Runner Podcast: Episode 1

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