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Episode 39: Thrive Outside

This week Adriana and Paul are joined by Shannon Rozea, founder of the great organization called Thrive Outside. Thrive Outside is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping our youth Thrive through outdoor learning and nature play. This is done by designing and implementing outdoor learning environments, teacher practices, curriculum enhancements, nature play spaces, and...

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Episode 33: Gratitude, Rude Customers, Remote Races, and Screaming Kids (Part 2)

– Corona free! Paul’s COVID testing – Gloria Gemma 5k – Zoom Memorial – Lynette’s gratitude list – Bethany’s gratitude list – Adriana’s dining experience – La Piñata – Rude customers at Job Lot – Remote Road Races – Gloria Gemma and The Charity Challenge   Adriana can be found on: Instagram at @ajoylifestyle...

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Episode 30: Bad Weather, Good Books, and Remote Races Intro

– Weather and Headaches – Update about Bristol Total Fitness Remodeling – Adriana’s Book Selection (Click on the book cover to get it from Amazon) – Paul’s reading for school – Paul’s book recommendation – Introduction to Remote Road Races group – Gratitude list (Thank you @AmandaStaysFit) – Get workouts from Adriana – Paul’s...

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