Journey of the Rhode Runner Podcast – Episode 11: Pilates with Dawn Casella

On this episode, I am joined by Dawn Casella, my first personal trainer. In addition to personal training, and teaching group classes at the gym, Dawn specializes in Pilates, and has her own Pilates studio in the gym. I had not known much about Pilates. It is a field that could benefit everybody from grandmothers, to professional athletes.

– Tunnel to Towers – September 29, 2019
– Introducing Dawn Casella
– Pilates explained
– Differences between Pilates and Yoga
– Pilates is good for everybody – from 70 year old grandmothers to NFL players
– How Dawn got started with Pilates
– How long does it take to feel a difference
– Can use Pilates as an active recovery
– Other classes that Dawn teaches
– Get a free week pass at the gym
– Roxy makes a guest appearance


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Visit Dawn’s web site to see exercises, and even get recipes



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