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Episode 33: Gratitude, Rude Customers, Remote Races, and Screaming Kids (Part 2)

– Corona free! Paul’s COVID testing – Gloria Gemma 5k – Zoom Memorial – Lynette’s gratitude list – Bethany’s gratitude list – Adriana’s dining experience – La Piñata – Rude customers at Job Lot – Remote Road Races – Gloria Gemma and The Charity Challenge   Adriana can be found on: Instagram at @ajoylifestyle...

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Episode 30: Bad Weather, Good Books, and Remote Races Intro

– Weather and Headaches – Update about Bristol Total Fitness Remodeling – Adriana’s Book Selection (Click on the book cover to get it from Amazon) – Paul’s reading for school – Paul’s book recommendation – Introduction to Remote Road Races group – Gratitude list (Thank you @AmandaStaysFit) – Get workouts from Adriana – Paul’s...

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